#XTRAPOINT: Top Trends, Angels vs. Astros

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Which Avenger is most like Mike Trout? We vote for Captain America! Hear more about the Angels' upcoming series with the defending World Series champs from Houston.

- What's up, everybody? I'm Carrlyn Bathe.

- And I'm Taylor Felix. And these are your Top Tier Trends, fueled by Arco.

Now, a lot has been happening this week. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift no longer have bad blood.


TAYLOR FELIX: Plus, the royal wedding is five days away.

CARRLYN BATHE: And Avengers: Infinity Wars still reigns supreme at the box office. Which reminds me, the Astros are coming to town to battle the Angels for AL West supremacy!

And that my friends, is why the fate of the MLB universe depends on the halos.

- The best news is that the Angels don't have to face the top tier Astros pitchers, Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander.

- Why not? Did they, did [INAUDIBLE] get 'em? Are they gone?

- No, no. Good They're good. Just not in the rotation.

- OK.

- Speaking of Avengers: Infinity War, did you know that the Astros shortstop Carlos Correa, has a dog named Groot?

CARRLYN BATHE: Groot? What? That's so cute.

Spoiler alert! Earmuffs, put them them on, OK. Unlike the real Groot, who turned into ash, the dog is still alive and he got into some trouble when he chewed up one of Correa's home run balls.

TAYLOR FELIX: Uh-oh! But speaking of super heroes, the Angels have their very own Captain America in Mike Trout. He is on track to be the first player ever in baseball history to hit 50 home runs and steal 25 bases in a single season.

- If you think that's impressive, [INAUDIBLE] is grabbing infinity stone after infinity stone. He already has the 600 home run stone, the 3,000 hits stone, and is on the hunt for the 2,000 RBI stone.

- We can clearly talk Avengers all day long, but we'll take a break to watch some Angels baseball.

- Those are your Top Tier Trends, presented by Arco, the official fuel of Fox Sports West.

- The Astros-Angels action kicks off tonight on Fox Sports West and Fox Sports Go at 6:30. We'll see you there.