Mike Scioscia on Andrelton Simmons: he’s got that ‘it factor’

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Andrelton Simmons has been getting it done in every way for the Halos this year and Angels' manager Mike Scioscia has nothing but praise for the way his shortstop is playing the game

- Got that kind of it-factor, you know, that you'll see in the elite players. He's just knows where the swing path might take a ball, and he's always on the jump. Plus, it doesn't help-- It doesn't hurt when you've got the hands that he has and the strong, accurate arm, so he's a great player.

REPORTER: Now, because he's so strong on defense, it's easy to overlook his offensive contributions. What has he meant to the team this season in the box?

- You know, Andrelton, since he's been here, he's hit in a variety of roles, anywhere from top of the order, to fourth, or fifth. And he's worked very, very hard on his approach at the plate, and he's as consistent as any player on our team right now.