Zack Cozart praises Jaime Barria after lights out performance

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Zack Cozart came into the game not knowing he would be in the unusual lead off spot, but that didn't stop him from picking up a home run and double to help support a dominate pitching performance by Jaime Barria

- When you get to the ballpark, veteran player, there's not a whole lot to think about when you're leading off. Is that a good thing?

- Probably, yeah. I didn't even know I was leading off until I saw the lineup this morning, so. You know, I've led off before. I led off earlier this year. I don't try to do anything different. I just try to have my normal ABs. I'm not going to go up there and just take, take, take, and see a lot of pitches if they give me good pitches to hit. So I feel fine up there.

- You played many years, many contests here in this ballpark. Any simplistic approach to make sure you don't too enamored with the home run?

- You know-- you know, in this park, you don't have to do too much. You get the barrel there, the ball's going to go. It just gives you a lot of confidence, and that's what I felt like I did today, just get the barrel there and let the pitcher supply all the power.

- So, your best scouting hat. Jamie Barria on the mound. He throws a lot of offspeed, changeups. I know there's a lot of communication between you and Andrelton on the offspeed, but how impressed are you with this young man?

- I'm super impressed. You know, you don't see a lot of young guys come up here and fill the zone up like he does. I think that's the ultimate key in pitching is, you know, throwing a lot of strikes. And once you establish that, you can start working your way out of the zone. And he's done an incredible job for us. And now he's getting to where we kind of expect that kind of outing from him, you know. We know he's a good pitcher out there. He's got a good head on him. And we're happy we have him.

- Thank you. Happy to have you here, of course, on post-game. Thanks so much.

- You got it. Thanks, Jos.