Americans Abroad: Bobby Wood scores his first of the season for Hamburg

Bobby Wood makes it 2-0 for Hamburg.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Plenty to aim for. Papadopoulos is dangerous in these situations, and that's a great ball in. Away by Cordoba. Hahn again, taking up the same position, Waldschmidt with the effort. It'll come for Wood, and it's 2-0.

Well, they have so often been the crisis club, but as things stand Hamburg are going top of the Bundesliga for the first time in eight years. Koln nil, Hamburg two.

ANNOUNCER 2: And, again, the goal is coming a little bit out of nowhere, and it's Bobby Wood who is reacting very quick.

No offside, [INAUDIBLE] by Cordoba.

And there he smells the opportunity and he finish it off. No chance again for Horn.

That's a very, very quick reaction from Wood, and he knows where to put the ball.

It's only his sixth Bundesliga goal in 30 appearances. You get the feeling with Bobby Wood, he's the type of player that if you gave him the service, he will score the goals.

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