Who is Alex Faust? LA Kings announcer ‘should be considered’ as new Jeopardy! host

This man has been manning the set of the most famous trivia game show since 1984. Who is Alex Trebek?

The 78-year-old Trebek’s contract with Jeopardy! expires in 2020 and he told TMZ’s Harvey Levin there is less than a 50 percent chance he will sign back on to continue his run as the trivia master.

While Trebek has made himself a household name across the country, he understands there is a time all things must come to an end and he can enjoy a life away from the show. However, as someone who has contributed to the show for over 30 years, Trebek’s vote of confidence will express far beyond his tenure on-air, especially when considering his potential replacement.

“I mentioned to our producer not so long ago that the fellow that does play-by-play for the Los Angeles Kings — they should consider him,” Trebek said, referring to Alex Faust.

Faust, 28, is no newbie in being the successor of titans in their industry. Last season, Faust took over the play-by-play responsibilities for the LA Kings when Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Miller stepped aside after 44 seasons on the mic.

“The expectation isn’t that I’m going to replace Bob Miller, because that’s just impossible to do,” Faust said at the time. “When you’re there for 44 years, you build up a rapport with the audience and you build a relationship with the audience, and I know he developed a relationship even beyond the TV sphere of going out and meeting people at events or meeting fans at games. That’s part of the job responsibility for me, for me to get to know fans, for fans to get to know me, and hopefully it all works out over the long haul.”

While Faust was speaking of hockey at the time, the same could be said for the role as host of Jeopardy! and Trebek’s remarks have certainly caught his attention.


Though Trebek has a couple more years left in his contract to helm the game show, he was forced to take a brief break last winter to recuperate from brain surgery related to a fall he suffered months earlier. Trebek later returned to the series in January.

While the act of finding a permanent replacement for the national icon is still likely years away, the idea of Faust replacing two of the best ever is a true Daily Double.