Wells’ son has emergency appendectomy

ARLINGTON, Texas — On Wednesday night, Vernon Wells’ son did not feel well. On Thursday, as the Angels played an afternoon game in Anaheim, Wells’ wife took his child to the doctor.

Of all the things the Wells family considered hearing, this was not high on the list: “Your 7-year-old son needs an emergency appendectomy.”

Wells got word at the ballpark and left the game in the eighth inning. The Angels flew to Texas after the game, but Wells remained with his family and flew to Texas late Friday.

Wells said his son was released from the hospital Friday and is scheduled to fly Saturday to Texas, where the family lives in the off-season. Wells said his son is expected to make a full recovery.

Wells said he is grateful that doctors diagnosed the appendicitis early enough that arthroscopic surgery could be performed. Had the appendix ruptured, his son would have required major surgery.

“He’s got three holes in his belly,” Wells said Saturday. “It’s a lot better than having to be opened up.”