WATCH: UCLA’s Josh Rosen fakes a spike and tosses a gem to the back of the end zone in epic comeback

Josh Rosen, you are a bad, bad man.

Leading the UCLA Bruins back from a 44-10 deficit wasn’t enough for the former St. John Bosco star quarterback.

With no timeouts and the ball on the 10-yard line in the fourth quarter, Rosen looked to be setting up his team for a spike to stop the clock. And that’s what the Texas A&M Aggies thought, too.

But Rosen and wide receiver Joradn Lasley had other plans.

Taking the snap, Rosen faked the spike and floated an inch-perfect pass to the back of the end zone for Lasley. The touchdown capped a furious 34-point comeback and cemented Rosen’s status as a ice cold assassin — Rosen threw for 296 and four touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.

That’s some straight ice in your veins type stuff for sure.