WATCH: How we surprised two junior hockey teams

A few weeks ago, we gave a pair of junior hockey teams the surprise of a lifetime during one of their recent games in El Segundo.

We suplied the Junior Kings and Junior Ducks with fans, the mascots and ice crews of the NHL’s Kings and Ducks, plus our announcers and cameras.

More from our story from the event:

It seemed like just another game between two rival junior hockey clubs.

One recent Sunday in El Segundo, the AAA U-18 Junior Kings and Junior Ducks each stood lined up for the national anthem in a junior ‘Freeway Faceoff’ Series of sorts.

The typical assortment of parents and siblings dotted the crowd.

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But suddenly, the lights were dimmed and the spotlight shown on the tunnel of the NHL rink at the Toyota Sports Center. Out came the Kings’ mascot, Bailey, and his Ducks counterpart, Wild Wing.

Then, in the stands a processional of sorts came through. Dozens of fans clad in orange with signs filtered in chanting "Lets go Ducks", followed by more in purple and black shouting "Go Kings Go".

The PA system blared as did the music. This was no ordinary junior hockey game — it was now a big-league matchup.