USC WR JuJu Smith embracing new role and new hair

The color on the top of JuJu Smith’s head has transformed to what looks like honey blonde. He says it was "bright gold" at first.

The new hair color represents a change. He says he wanted something different.

"I’m tired of having the same do," Smith said. "Having the same cut — No. 2, taper, fade — it gets boring. You got to change it up a little bit."

The "No. 2" is a reference to the preferred length of the guard on the clippers used when Smith gets his haircuts. As far as USC wide receivers go, he’s no longer playing No. 2 to anybody.

With Nelson Agholor’s early entry into the NFL Draft, it seems only right that Smith will step into that role as USC’s No. 1 receiver.

Neither Steve Sarkisian or Cody Kessler have anointed him as such. It’s just understood.

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Smith accepts being looked upon in that light.

"Looking at the older guys — Nelson, Buck Allen, Leonard (Williams) — all these great guys going to  the NFL, these dudes don’t shy away from being a leader," he said. "They’re spokesmen. They have a voice for the team.

"I love to see that the older guys and younger guys look up to me as the next guy stepping up in line and I don’t shy away from it. I embrace it and I just got to do what’s best for me and my teammates."

After speculation of whether he’d play safety or wide receiver or both, Smith stormed onto the scene as a wide receiver as soon as he stepped on campus last summer. He did so well offensively that the coaching staff didn’t want to risk even giving him a chance to play defense.

He carried his stellar practice play into Saturdays and finished the season with 54 catches for 724 yards and two touchdowns while being named a Freshman All-American.

As the 2015 season approaches, the approach of the coaching staff remains the same. Even with the team being thin at safety, Smith, who according to the USC Spring Media Guide, will enter the season as a Biletnikoff Award candidate, has solidified himself as such a valuable receiver that he likely won’t play in the secondary.

"He’s just so good offensively and then with the departure of Nelson and George (Farmer) he’s really –even  though he’s only in his second year  â€“our most veteran guy with experience and playmaking ability and we just can’t afford to not have him as well offensively," Sarkisian said when asked if Smith would get defensive reps this spring.

And so it is. Anointed or not, Smith is ready for an enhanced role, to go along with a new haircut that is sure to be just as spectacular.

"I was thinking about going red on top and (blend) to that gold (on the back and the sides) and then that (blends) to my black hair (at the bottom)," he said. "I tried to talk to Steven (Mitchell) and the other receivers. They were like ‘No. You’re doing too much.’ I’m like ‘Dude you just got to live life to the fullest.’ I’m just having fun.

"I’m telling you, I’m going to do something crazy, man."

Trojan fans can now be on the lookout for that in addition to touchdown catches.