USC investigating Josh Shaw regarding cause of ankle injuries

The Josh Shaw story of heroism took a weird turn Tuesday morning.

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian addressed the media after practice giving a statement on the Shaw situation and said, "I have no reason, no history to not believe Josh and his story."

He then followed that up with a zinger.

"Within the last few hours, or so, we’ve gotten a few phone calls contradicting what Josh said occurred Saturday night," Sarkisian added. 

The USC head coach wouldn’t go into detail about where the calls came from or what the callers specifically said, but noted the program would do it’s own investigation.

"We’re going to continue to vet it," Sark said. "We’re looking at it."

Shaw, a fifth-year senior, was slated to start at cornerback for the Trojans Saturday in their season opener against Fresno State. 

USC reported Monday that Shaw would be out of the lineup indefinitely with two high ankle sprains. The injuries were a result of Shaw jumping from a second floor balcony on Saturday to save his seven-year old nephew, who was in a pool but couldn’t swim, the report from USC said.

Earlier Saturday, Shaw was named a team captain at the program’s annual Salute to Troy.

Shaw will not be made available until the matter is resolved, Sarkisian said.

Lt. Andy Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday afternoon that a man named Joshua Shaw was mentioned — but not as a suspect — in a report involving a Saturday night break-in at a downtown apartment building.

"There is a mention of a Joshua Shaw in this report but not in terms of him being a suspect," Neiman said.

"To make any link at this point would be premature," he said.

Neiman said officers answering a report of a woman screaming in the apartment complex interviewed a woman inside and several witnesses. The woman told officers that someone had pried open a window, entered the apartment and fled but that nothing was taken, he said.

Other details were not immediately released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.