Meet the top linemen: Jarrett Patterson

In FOX Sports West’s preseason rankings, the Mission Viejo Diablos are ranked fourth overall. The strength of the team lies within their explosive two-way athletes and shutdown secondary, but we all know that with no line, there can be no shine.

Meet Jarrett Patterson, a 6 foot 5 inch, 290lb senior tackle. Committed to Arizona State, Patterson is looking to put the “Cerdos de los Diablos” (my nickname for them) on the national map.

We got to know Jarrett:

Q: Which movie or TV character  do you want to be?

A: I would have to say Bear Grylls is the TV character I would want to be.

Q: Why is that? Love that choice.

A: He has incredible knowledge about nature and is one tough dude.

Q:  What is the oddest/coolest pregame or postgame ritual you have?

A:  I guess my weirdest pregame ritual would be chewing gum before the game. It keeps me calm and my breath stays fresh.

Q: What excites you most about playing college football?

A:  What excites me about playing college football is being able to play on a national level in front of huge crowds. That is the dream when you are a kid and put on pads for the first time ever. To have the hard work pay off feels incredible.

Q: Going into your final year as a high school player, what are your goals and what legacy do you hope to leave behind for the young OL and for the team as a whole?

A:  Our goals on the line are to be known as a run first team and keeping our QB’s jersey clean. When teams put on our film, I want them to dread having to face us in the trench. I want my legacy to be known as the most dominant offensive linemen to ever play at Mission Viejo and the most consistent. As far as my team, I want them to be known as the nasty and physical team anyone has ever played



Q:  What, if any, has been your favorite part of the recruiting process?

A:  What I most enjoyed about the recruiting process is seeing the years of hard work turn into success. Another part would be visiting different parts of the country and seeing what it is like living there.

Q: Why did ASU stand out over the rest of your offers?

A:  Arizona State stood out because I fell in love with the city and pictured myself living there. The facilities are great also and they have very good academic programs to be successful. It also helped my teammate Christian LaValle committed there so it  will be a ton of fun rooming and playing with him. The coaches are a great group and I truly believe they will win a lot of games in the coming years.