Tigers’ Leyland, Pena ejected from game vs. Royals

DETROIT — The Tigers are likely to be one team in favor of more instant replays and manager’s challenges.

But it couldn’t help them Saturday night.

In the fourth inning with Royals’ Chris Getz at first, Alcides Escobar’s bat hit a pitch that bounced in front of home plate, and ended up at the backstop.

Home plate umpire Mike Muchlinski did not call it a foul ball and starter Doug Fister ended up retrieving the ball as Getz took third.

Tigers catcher Brayan Pena argued that it was, indeed, a foul ball and manager Jim Leyland came out to tell Muchlinski to ask for help.

But second base umpire Bob Davidson ejected Leyland, the manager’s third ejection of the season.

After play resumed and Escobar hit a game-tying RBI double down the third-base line, Pena was then ejected by Muchlinski.

Fister had to get between the usually happy catcher and Muchlinski.

Bryan Holaday replaced Pena at catcher.