The Pat Trick: One run makes all the difference

By Pat Parris
FOX Sports Midwest
September 21, 2010

With the Cardinals “tragic number” at 6 heading into Tuesday night’s series in Pittsburgh, their playoff hopes are slim…very slim.  So what went wrong?  It’s a question we’ll be trying to answer for weeks and weeks to come.  One thing is clear, the offense was never good enough or consistent enough.  The “Pat Trick” again looks at some STATS LLC numbers, the first proves the offensive struggles did this team in:
Cardinals Record Based on Runs Scored, 2010
3 or Fewer Runs    7-53  .117  (Worst in MLB)
4 or More Runs     70-19 .787  (7th best in MLB)
Win Pct Diff         .670 (Largest in MLB)

The Cardinals struggled mightily against bad teams this season, and thrived on the league’s best.  Again, no real reason, but the numbers that we uncovered are striking:

Vs teams above .500  33-23 (.589)

Vs teams .500 and below  44-49  (.473)

Now the Cardinals take on the 51-98 Pirates.  The Cards do have a winning record against the Buccos in 2010 (6-3), but Pittsburgh falls into that grouping of bad teams that will cause the Redbirds trouble.  The one positive heading into Tuesday night’s game, Pujols vs Maholm:

Highest Career BA vs. Any Active Pitcher