From Player to Media: Sport Illustrated’s Bruce Feldman profiles FOX Sports West intern Elijah Zabludoff

On May 14th, 2017, FOX Sports West hired its first-ever intern to assist with its digital content. A former national champion and captain of the 2013 St. John Bosco football team, Elijah Zabludoff hit the ground running from day one at FOX Sports West.

But in his senior season at Bosco, Zabludoff was unable to earn a division one FBS offer, deciding instead to attend Amherst College, a tiny, but elite liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts. Their football team: division three.

Coming from a top-tier football program like Bosco boasting dozens of division one athletes, Zabludoff decided to take a different path through sport, as FOX Sports/Sport Illustrated’s Bruce Feldman found out:

Zabludoff already had developed a taste for what he hoped to do after college. Thanks to his play on the field for Bosco, he had a weekly column in the Los Angeles Times during his senior year called “Huddle Up”, where he wrote about his experiences as a high school football player. “It really opened my eyes,” he says. “I just fell in love with it.” Having writing deadlines after games sparked an adrenaline rush, as did walking around the LA Times newsroom as a 16-year-old kid, where he could watch Times columnist Bill Plaschke tape his Around the Horn episodes for ESPN. Attending a college that had produced Dan Brown, David Foster Wallace and Scott Turow, among others, made sense for an aspiring writer.

“Amherst is known for writing, and I never thought I would go to the NFL,” he says. “I know I’m not 6′ 6″, but I knew I could become successful in a different way.”


As Zabludoff finishes up his internship with us here FOX Sports West, he hopes to continue working in the sports media industry, utilizing his knowledge and experience in the world of sports to bring to light the things that make sports a transcendent force.

He’s well on his way already.