Sarkisian addresses Orgeron’s desire to return to USC

Former USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron said he’ll be "a USC Trojan forever" to the "Los Angeles Times."

Whether he’s physically a Trojan again or not remains to be seen. 

Orgeron told the newspaper that he’d return to the school as an assistant if asked.  

When the topic arose at the conclusion of practice Sunday USC head coach Steve Sarkisian likened Orgeron’s thoughts to many other former USC assistants. 

"I’m sure there’s a lot of guys that want to come back to USC as an assistant coach," Sarkisian said. "This is a great place. It’s an unbelievable place to be at."

The Trojans are in the middle of preparations for a Thursday night affair with Cal at the Coliseum and, naturally, that appears to be where the head coach’s focus is at this point. 

"Ed’s a terrific football coach," Sarkisian said. "He’s a friend of mine. I have a great deal of respect for Ed but, quite honestly, we play Cal Thursday night at six o’clock."

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Orgeron became, somewhat, of the people’s champ during his eight-game run as USC’s interim head coach.

He won six games including a signature win over a Stanford team that was top-5 in the country at the time. 

He injected enthusiasm into a program that was sinking in that department under the previous head coach. 

Players loved him. Fans loved him. The USC administration elected to go in a different direction eventually hiring Sarkisian away from Washington. 

USC tried to keep Orgeron on staff. Sarkisian tried to as well but Orgeron declined the opportunity to stay and elected to return home to Louisiana disappointed by the fact that he would not be the USC head coach. 

"I was heartbroken and I couldn’t fake it," Orgeron told The Times. 

He now appears to have gotten over his heartbreak and is ready for a possible return. 

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But is Sarkisian and USC ready to receive him? 

"I don’t speak about hypothetical scenarios," Sarkisian said.