Ryan Hollins Blog: Summer!

Now that the Finals are done and the season is completely over, it’s time for me to start the summer routine.  Even though things are more relaxed, there is no travel calendar, or team meetings, I still must stay in shape and work hard to stay ready.  As I get older, i’ve learned that I have to make sure to stay balanced in my workouts and my diet. Making sure that I am eating the right foods, getting the right about of protien, as well as getting enough sleep. When we are young ballers we eat whatever and just work out, but at a certain age you have to make adjustments. I always tell the younger guys to make sure they are putting the right foods in their bodies.

This summer I plan to work on my balance, post moves, positioning and my jump shot with the goal of becoming a better all around player. Off the court I plan to continue working on my broadcasting skills. Even though I still have years left in me, I have to make sure to think ahead to my after hoop career. So that means continuing to make radio appearances and get better at the craft. Last week I spoke at the Hoop It Up Kick-Off dinner and it was a great chance for me to work on my public speaking skills.