Ryan Hollins blog: Season reflection Part 1

The Clippers were eliminated by the Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals.

Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images

My season is over and I’m not going to lie, the way the season ended stings. Anything less than a championship hurts and it’s going to hurt for a while.

Looking back we had an amazing year, likely the best year in Clippers history. You can see the talent, you can see where the team is going to be heading in future. The season was something fun to be a part of. People don’t often get to experience things like that.

My second year with the Clippers was a bit different than the first.

Though we had most of the same players, the addition of Doc Rivers made it comfortable but at the same time feel as if we were starting all over. The new coaching staff and players adjusted quickly, making the transition smoother. I definitely learned a lot, always trying to pick Doc and the coaching staff’s brain about how to stay prepared in each moment.

The season ended in some tough losses, we made some big plays but not enough to advance.

Things have kind of been in slow motion, things like this linger a bit, you tend to not want to do too much, but the work must continue.