Ryan Hollins Blog: #ItsTime

Ryan Hollins says it's important for Clippers to play within their principles as they battle the Golden State Warriors in Round 1 of the playoffs.

Andrew D. Bernstein

Being in the playoffs is an amazing experience. It’s the end of the regular season and the most important part of what we have been working on for the past 82 games. Everything is on the table now and it’s do or die; we have everything to gain and everything to lose. Being a veteran and having some playoff experience before, I know what to expect.

While I am happy to be here, it’s not just about that, it’s also about the goal that we are playing for.

The playoffs are exciting. It’s basketball in it’s purest form. The fans are great, the energy and comraderie around the team is something special.  Game 1 was very exciting but we had some adjustments to make, which is a large part of the playoffs. Each quarter, each half and each game a team makes changes, and the other team has to adjust, a chess match of sorts.

For us it’s important to be ourselves, play our game, set the tone and play within our principles. Doc has been preparing us for this all year long.