Ryan Hollins blog; Guide to the Game: Education, Hard Work

Ryan Hollins gives some insight on how to live a successful life.


While we are in school, we hear a lot about the importance of focusing on your education, while playing sports. We are given the statistics of how many players make it to the pros and are encouraged to have a backup plan. Having a good education is most important, and if you are fortunate to make a professional sports team, your education will only help you succeed further.

Many youth athletes are not able to live up to their athletic potential because they do not handle their scholastic responsibilities, becoming ineligible to play. I extremely proud of my achievements in school and on the court, and am confident that the next chapter will be promising because I have properly prepared my self.  How hard you work in the classroom transfers to the court, making you a better well rounded athlete. 

Hard work

Lots of times people ask me how did I make it where I am or what advice I would give them. While the Guide To The Game series is a chance for me to respond to some of these questions and give my thoughts on the keys to being successful, hard work is one of my favorite messages. 

Everything that you do requires dedication and hard work, you cannot coast by and expect to see your ideas, goals or dreams come to life. You have to give your all to the things you care about, the things you want to do in life. Whether it’s sports or business, you have to give your self the edge by going the extra mile, by being the first person in and the last person out. Training yourself, having a good education, basically equipping your self with all the tools and then some.

What do I do? I practice hard, if there is a game I don’t play much, I stay afterward and get a full work out in to keep my self prepared and in shape. I practice my speaking by reading, doing mock speeches, calling in on different radio shows. I truly believe in the power of hard work!