Redondo’s Norene Iosia: A true coach on the floor

Plenty of players are described as ‘coaches on the floor’ by their respective coaches.

Redondo setter Norene Iosia takes the term to another level.

She actually is a coach on the floor.

A usualy day for Iosia starts with a full day of classes followed by practice with her varsity teammates.

Around 4:30 pm, she helps her father, Moi, the head coach of Redondo’s freshman team. Norene Iosia puts the team through drills and helps execute her dad’s practice plan. Then it’s home for homework, dinner, and some TV before doing it all over again the next day.

This isn’t new by any stretch. Iosia has been on varsity since she was a freshman. She was also helping her dad coach as a freshman — coaching kids her own age.

Redondo varsity head coach Tommy Chaffins says she’s "wise beyond her years."

Norene Iosia: ‘I always played (with older players) so I see things easier than others because I been around the game much longer.’

"She’s hit her 10,000th hour," Chaffins said eluding to the Malcolm Gladwell’s "Outliers: The Story of Success."  

For Chaffins’ varsity team, Iosia uses her expertise on the floor as the maestro.

On a talented squad, considered a top-three team in the country heading into the 2014 season by some publications, Iosia runs the show as the setter, finding open teammates, manufacturing 1-on-1 matchups, and racking up the assists.

"She can put that ball wherever she wants from anywhere," Chaffins said. "She has one of the softest touches I’ve ever seen let alone coached."  

Volleyball is a family thing for the Iosia’s. The Redondo setter notes she was "always in the gym," being around the game her entire life. She has siblings, cousins, and aunts who all played the sport. Moi is also a former setter for the Samoan National team. Both of her parents coach club volleyball teams.

Norene Iosia began playing for her father at the age of six.

"I always played (with older players) so I see things easier than others because I been around the game much longer," Iosia said.

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Which brings us back to Iosia, the coach. As poised and efficient as she is as a player, running the Seahawks offense, she carries those same traits as a coach — always keeping her cool.

"(I’m) nice, at times, I guess," Iosia says describing her coaching style. "My dad does most (of the yelling), so I just try to be the supporter."  

Support, assists. For Iosia it’s all in a days work.