Redick & Pierce: Job well done in securing Jordan’s return

JJ Redick and Paul Pierce did their parts.

In one of the strangest 24 hours in NBA history, DeAndre Jordan went from reportedly gone (to Mavericks) to staying home (with Clippers) on Wednesday night.

And a large part was due to the efforts of his teammates, which also included Chris Paul (who shared a heartfelt Instagram post) and Blake Griffin, who’s not an interior designer (just so you know).

Redick and Pierce, a newcomer to the Clippers, were at Jordan’s home in Houston, along with coach Doc Rivers and owner Steve Ballmer.

It was a long day, as Redick alludes too in his emoji post, but Pierce was happy to do what was needed.

Earlier on Wednesday, Redick, Griffin and Paul had an entertaining ‘battle of emojis’ with Dallas players and others.