Q&A: Mizzou vs. Nebraska

October 29, 2010

JP Rock from ShowMeMizzou.com takes some time to answer questions about the upcoming Big 12 North showdown between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Missouri Tigers.

Will the Tigers have a hangover from the big win over Oklahoma last Saturday when they play the Cornhuskers?

I think that is doubtful. I spoke with a lot of players this past week and I was surprised at how focused they were on Nebraska as early as Monday. There was no patting themselves on the back or a lot of big talk about the victory. Instead they preferred to talk about how they enjoyed the rest of their night after the game, and then went back to work on Sunday and turned all their attention to playing Nebraska. Most seem to understand how important this game is.

Both Gabbert brothers committed to Nebraska during their recruitment. What kind of reception do you think they will receive and how will Blaine handle it?

Both Blaine and his younger brother, redshirt quarterback Tyler Gabbert, committed to Nebraska only to switch late in the recruiting process and attend Mizzou. Nebraska fans seem to hold a grudge about that. In fact, some took pleasure in the injury Blaine suffered last year during the Mizzou/NU game. I’ve read and heard some fans say that Gabbert will get hurt again this game. I think Blaine will handle it well. He has appeared very focused the past couple of weeks. Something clicked in him after the Colorado game that seems to have helped improve his focus and play. I think there is some incentive on his part to do well against Nebraska for personal reasons. However, I do not think his recruitment will be on his mind much during the game.

Can the Tigers offense move the ball against the much hyped Nebraska defense?

While the Tigers’ offense seemed to have some issues early in the season, it appears they’ve taken care of them. The Missouri offense seems to be finding it’s identity at the right time and has moved the ball well against two pretty good defenses in Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Missouri was able to both move the ball and score over 30 points on both teams. As good as Nebraska’s defense is, they have allowed offenses the ability to run on them. They also allowed Oklahoma State to score 41 points on them last week. I think Missouri