PSY rocks Dodger Stadium, Lasorda not impressed

LOS ANGELES — When PSY performs his hit “Gangnam Style” around the world, girls scream, kids do his crazy dance, and people party like there’s no tomorrow.

When he does it at Dodger Stadium during the middle of a game, Tommy Lasorda looks at him like he’s thinking one of three things:

Why the hell did you wake me up?

Chan Ho Park has lost his mind.

Don Drysdale would put one in this jerk’s earhole.

Lasorda put on almost as good a show as PSY, half-watching with a blank expression as the Korean pop star danced to his hit nearby during the fourth inning Tuesday night. Fans smiled and cheered him on, while Lasorda looked like he’d rather have an enema. Take a look at Tommy’s priceless reaction:

But when it comes to taking a pass on PSY at Chavez Ravine, Tommy isn’t alone.

It was a much bigger thrill for rookie pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu, who struck out a career-high 12 in a 6-2 win over the Colorado Rockies. It was the most strikeouts for a Dodger rookie since Hideo Nomo struck out 13 in 1995.

Ryu also did it with his bat, driving in Andre Ethier on a single to right field for his first career RBI in the third inning. Afterward, he presented PSY with an autographed jersey, and PSY presented his countryman with an autographed pair of glasses the singer once wore in a concert.

Ryu has developed quite a following in his first year pitching in the U.S. There were eight different video cameras and a host of still photographers at the game specifically for him. On the Dodgers’ last road trip to New York, there was a plethora of media there for the South Korean star as well.

However, after meeting PSY, Ryu realized although he’s famous, he’s not that famous.

“It was pretty neat meeting a worldwide global star,” Ryu said through translator Martin Kim. “It was pretty interesting to see him and I realized today that he’s still a far bigger star than I am.”

Ryu said the two didn’t have much to say to one another but did make dinner plans.
Earlier in April, Ryu and his teammates, including Matt Kemp, did their own version of “Gangnam Style” in the Dodgers lockerroom.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, who couldn’t resist doing a “Gangnam Style” dance of his own while addressing the media on Tuesday night, was impressed by Ryu but not surprised.

“It seems like he enjoys that (attention),” Mattingly said. “He seems to like it, which is nice really because he’s just kind of jacked up.”

Ryu struck out the Rockies’ Jordan Pacheco looking to end the top of the fourth inning and calmly walked back to the Dodgers dugout when all of a sudden, PSY appeared on the Jumbotron to a smattering of cheers.

Those cheers turned into a boisterous standing ovation as he emerged on the steps near the Dodgers dugout.

“Gangnam Style” was in full effect with PSY dropping the dance on the Dodgers faithful. Much to their delight, he even gave them an “I See You,” the gesture usually made by third baseman Hanley Ramirez — after all, it was Ramirez’s “I See You” Bobblehead Night.

However, that was just the beginning. There was more PSY to come. And plenty of Ryu as well.

And some classic Lasorda.

Check out some tweets from Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium:

—Rahshaun Haylock contributed to this report