No. 10 reason to get excited: 18-hour practice limit

The rule, similar to many others, was implemented for the benefit of the student athletes.

But try explaining that to coaches who were having difficulty getting through fall camp prior to classes starting at CIF-Southern Section member schools.

The new rule implemented by CIF State — and No. 10 on our list of  "15 Reasons to get Excited for the 2014 CIF-SS High School Football Season" — puts an 18-hour limit on the amount of practice time for any team in any sport in any week.

It’s been a tough camp for some. Many coaches have had to cutback on the way they do things, whether it be a session of film work, weight room training or both; and even less time on the field for some.

Many coaches agree that it will become an easier task once school is in session, but the amount of time and detail it requires to successfully get through things in fall camp has made it a challenge — but going over the 18 hours isn’t an option.

Schools that do go over the allotted time are docked future hours.

15 reasons to get excited for 2014 CIF-SS season