Rams offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur says Jared Goff ‘wants to be great’

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff (16) scrambles with the ball during the fourth quarter of a game against the Arizona Cardinals played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/John Cordes)

If the Los Angeles Rams are going to be successful in their second season back, it’s  no secret franchise quarterback Jared Goff will need to raise his game. And new offensive coordinator Matt LeFleur has no doubt he will.

“Goff’s been awesome,” LeFleur said following the team’s first rookie mini-camp. “He wants to be great and he’s doing everything that we’ve asked him to do and then some. He’s working hard every day. I think he’s getting better every day and he’s done a great job.”

LaFleur comes to the Rams having spent two seasons working with Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons as a quarterbacks coach. During that time, Ryan had some of his best years with the Falcons including throwing for 4,500 yards the past two season, picking up the 2016 NFL MVP and a Super Bowl appearance.

When asked if the transition from an accomplished quarterback like Ryan to the younger Goff has been difficult, LaFleur again pointed to the latter’s work ethic.

“What’s been so much fun for me is he is a sponge and he is soaking up everything that you tell him,” he said of Goff “It’s been a joy to work with him thus far, so hopefully we keep on chopping wood and get a little bit better every day.”

Goff did surprise LaFleur in one aspect of his game though.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think he’s a little more accurate than I anticipated, so that got me excited,” LaFleur said. “Obviously, he’s got a big arm. Until you work with a guy you don’t really know. Obviously, I studied him coming out in the draft and knew that he had some of the characteristics that you look for. He’s a natural thrower. He’s tough and he’s throwing the ball with, like I said before, surprisingly with really good accuracy.”

With Goff completing a shade under 55-percent of his passes last season, Rams fans might be surprised to hear of that accuracy as well. But they’ll be hoping LaFleur is just the guy to get Goff on the right track.