Meet the man behind the epic prank on Jeff Francoeur

Former UCLA baseball player Cody Decker has become something of an infamous minor league fan sensation.

Jeff Francoeur’s foray back into the minor leagues produced a particularly hilarious moment this week. While playing for the Padres’ triple-A team, the MLB vet dared to use the coaches bathroom, and his teammates retaliated by forcing him to find another way out of the room (he chose the ceiling). The moment was captured on film by Padres minor leaguer Cody Decker, who’s amateur filmmaking skills are almost as good as his baseball skills.

Decker, a former UCLA baseball player and Santa Monica native, has become something of an infamous minor league fan sensation. He’s up to nearly 20,000 Twitter followers, several of which he regularly engages in bizarre Q&As. His videos have only heightened his semi-celebrity status. 

Here’s the story behind the "high-functioning sociopath" that pulled the epic prank on one of the nicest guys in pro sports.

Q: Of all people in the clubhouse, why Jeff Francoeur?

A: Because it’s funny. He pulls pranks on us too, you just don’t see them. He’s the greatest sport about it. He loves it, he thinks it’s funny. He is the exact guy that you would expect him to be.

Q: You said Francouer has pranked you guys before as well, what’s something he’s done to you guys?

A: I have an idea of what he was planning on me but I knew it wasn’t happening. The reason why I knew is that I gave him the idea. I think what he had an idea to do – but he didn’t do – was, I think he was going to have Murph tell me that I was called up and then pay for a plane ticket to wherever the team was and just have someone waiting there with a sign that said "Gotcha!" And would be holding another plane ticket for me to go back (to triple-A). But that would have been the most evil prank of all time.

Q: Your YouTube channel (Antihero Baseball/Daylight Films) has become pretty popular, how long have you been making videos for?

A: I’ve had the channel for at least two years now. It started out for fun just because I had some free time on my hands. So I put together a short little video based off pictures and a couple little videos I had. Then I started doing a little more. I used to make films and submit them to film competitions and I was an actor growing up in the Santa Monica Civic Light Opera. I love movies practically more than anything so it just gave me an opportunity to do something fun and get my mind off baseball. 

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(When asked about his acting, he attributed it all to his "strong jawline" and "dashing looks")

Q: You wear a lot of crazy outfits on the road, how did that start?

A: That all started because I got in trouble for not adhering to the dress code, which was not true, I completely adhered to the whole dress code. It was all just to piss off my manager, Pat Murphy, and he turned out to love it. It’s kind of become a thing now, I try and mix and match. I’m really running out of outfits though. I’ve worn the same suit before but now I’m just trying to mix and match with different combinations. I’m adding a different tie or a different ascot or a different hat, just changing it up.

(When asked how he acquired the clothes, he said most are from weddings and the box socials that he frequents. Yes, box socials.) 

Q: Why do you call yourself an antihero?