May I please speak with LeBron?

Dave Dye
Special to FOX Sports Detroit
Tom Izzo apparently wants to talk to “The King” before making his decision.

Lansing television station WLNS reported Sunday night that Izzo was waiting for one final piece to the puzzle — he was still trying to contact LeBron James before deciding whether to stay at Michigan State or pursue a NBA coaching career with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James will become a free agent on July 1 and it’s not clear whether he plans to return to the Cavaliers.

If he does, the Cavs are a NBA championship contender. If James leaves, they’re an also-ran.

Michigan State fans continued to express their appreciation of Izzo by starting a “” website where written messages were left for the Spartans’ coach. Fans also placed “We (love) Izzo” signs around the East Lansing area.

Izzo’s summer basketball camp begins Monday. There was still no indication as of Sunday night when he might make an announcement about his future.