Matt Barnes on son’s support for Steph Curry: ‘That’s not a bad player to look up to’

There’s a Stephen Curry fan living in Matt Barnes’ household. It’s his own son, Isaiah.

Barnes had fun with this news on Instagram on Friday, when he posted a photo of his twin sons, Isaiah and Carter, who were wearing NBA jerseys to school for career day. His son, Carter, was wearing his jersey. His son, Isaiah, wore Curry’s Golden State Warriors jersey.

"They’re born in the Bay, and I’m from the Bay. I was a Warrior at one time," Barnes said before Clippers practice. "My ex-wife told me Friday is career day. I’m like OK, what are they going to be? ‘Carter is going to be you. Isaiah is going to be someone else.’ I’m like, ‘who’s he going to be?’

"She smiled, ‘Steph Curry.’ I asked, ‘Isaiah, who are you going to be tomorrow?’ ‘Nobody.’ Carter said, ‘he’s going to be Steph Curry, Daddy!’ He told on him. That’s cool. That’s not a bad player to look up to."

Barnes even joked on his Instagram post: "Can you guess wat (sic) kid will be up for adoption nxt (sic) week?? LOL JUST KIDDING"

Barnes supported both of his sons’ choices of who they look up to. And if the Clippers and Warriors were to meet in the playoffs, he has the support of both of his sons.

"I love it because they’re different," Barnes said. "They’re twins, but they have their own personalities. Isaiah told me yesterday, ‘I guess when you guys play them in the playoffs I’ll have to root for you.’ I said, ‘you better root for me.’"