Jared Goff is better than Tom Brady at this point in career says Colin Cowherd

A third-year quarterback is better than arguably the greatest offensive football player of all time.

Could this be possible?

Well, from a career standpoint, no. It’s not possible– not yet at least. However, Colin Cowherd argued Tuesday, at the three-year mark into their NFL journeys Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff is well ahead of New England PatriotsTom Brady‘s success and people need to start recognizing it.

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Cowherd pointed out on The Herd how quickly people are to forget Brady’s first three Super Bowl seasons came with less than Brady-like statistics.

In 2001, Brady’s first full season as a starter, he led the Pats to the promise land with just an 18-12 touchdown-to-interception ratio and a mere 63.9 percent completion percentage. His playoff passing that year was even worse, throwing for only one touchdown in three games and completing just 61.9 percent of his throws.

His second and third Super Bowl seasons? A combined 51-26 ratio during the regular season, completing 60.9 percent of passes and accounting for a touch over 7,300 yards.

Meanwhile, over Goff’s past two seasons, his 60-19 ratio far outweighs Brady’s performance leading to over 1,000 additional yards and a completion percentage of 63.6.

Although he is making his first trip to the Super Bowl in his second full season as a starter rather than his first, comparing both of their first two full campaigns– not just Super Bowl bound years– also favors Goff. The Marin Catholic alumnus has accumulated a 24-7 overall record in the regular season. The Junipero Serra grad? His record stood at 20-10.

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On the road, Goff has a 13-3 record. Meanwhile, Brady went just 9-6 away from Gillette Stadium from 2001-02.

Undoubtedly, the sure-thing first ballot Hall of Famer is ahead of Goff in overall achievements, but as for progression, the 24-year-old displays a lot of promise.

So, while some Rams fans may not look at Goff as the franchise’s centerpiece of the future as Cowherd pointed out, perhaps they should take some advice from another top quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and R-E-L-A-X.