Report: Clippers to play in Orlando Summer Pro League

The Clippers might be leaving Las Vegas. 

According to a report in the Orlando Sentinel, the Clippers will be joining the Orlando Pro Summer League, which is run by the Orlando Magic.

The Clippers have previously been playing in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

The report stated that the Orlando summer league is losing Houston, Boston and Philadelphia but gaining the Clippers. 

Doc Rivers lives in Orlando in the offseason.

"Yeah, I just think it’s a better format, a better teaching thing," Rivers said before the Clippers’ practice on Friday. "I know I live there and all that, but I wanted to get in there every year. It’s a teaching summer league, to me. It’s the perfect summer league. It’s not too many games. I like the small audiences where you can hear and you can teach and it’s the players who tend to do that.

"It’s not a show, if you know what I’m saying. The first thing I did was put ourselves on the list. We thought we had no chance, honestly. I think Utah is doing a league this year, so some of the teams that want to do two or half of both pulled out and went there. That allowed us to slide in."

Asked if that meant the Clippers won’t return to Las Vegas, Rivers said: "I don’t know."

Also, the Clippers play a preseason NBA game in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay.