Is Chargers corner Casey Hayward the most disrespected player in the NFL?

Disrespected is a brutal word.

Calling Chipotle fast food is disrespectful. Making funny faces at someone you’re passing on the freeway is disrespectful. Never seeing a Star Wars movie… just get out.

But when it comes to NFL players, there will always be those who gain the attention they deserve and those that consistently ball out to no fanfare. In the case of Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward, he unfortunately falls into the latter grouping.

Hayward, who earned his second-straight trip to the Pro-Bowl in his second year with the Bolts last season, earned the second-highest Pro Football Focus cornerback rating ever compiled by the group (96.4), only trailing the recently retired Darrelle Revis‘ 2009 campaign that earned him a 96.6. While Hayward was routinely stacked up against the opposing team’s WR1, he only allowed 42.7 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught– the best in the NFL by a starter. In his sixth year, he also had four interceptions and 15 pass break ups. However, he rarely is mentioned in the debate of most talented corner while Jacksonville Jaguar DBs Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, who are undoubtedly talented, gather most of the limelight.

This has actually stirred some heat of late on social media with several NFL players from around the league, and Ramsey himself, coming to Hawyard’s defense after one analyst appeared to call him a “system guy”:

To be fair, Hayward’s 11 interceptions since joining the Chargers are more than the total combined mark he brought in during his first four seasons in the League.

Well, enough was enough.

While debating who the most disrespected player in the NFL is on NFL Network Wednesday, Kay Adams took a stand for Hayward and made her case why the Vanderbilt product needs more respect.

So, just like you don’t pull up to the drive thru to ask for brown rice **inch up** black beans **inch up** half chicken, half steak **inch up** etc. you shouldn’t leave the Bolt corner out of the conversation of top DBs.