LeBron James turned to Clippers’ exec Jerry West for advice handling Finals

LeBron James had a career-defining talk with Jerry West about how to handle public perception

The King turned to The Logo for help.

With all the spectacular plays LeBron James makes on a nightly basis, he realizes growth can always be attained by reaching out to those who have walked the path before him. Who better to offer guidance than Jerry West?

James told Rachel Nichols he reached out to the new Clippers executive after he lost his second NBA Finals and West relayed valuable advice about how to handle media scrutiny and evaluating his play based on his own perceptions that have stuck with him until now.

James has performed arguably the most impressive feat of his 15-year career this season leading a largely decimated Cleveland Cavilers to the NBA Finals for the fourth-straight season. In doing so, James has not missed a single game.

The King and the rest of the Cavs face elimination in Game 4 of the Finals vs. the Golden State Warriors in Cleveland Friday.