‘The Herd’: Magic Johnson has big problem on his hands

LaVar Ball is still around, apparently, and once again, has made some very interesting comments which have lit up the sports world.

The (very) outspoken father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball recently said Lonzo would leave the Lakers in order to play with his younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, elsewhere if an NBA team would not tall all three Ball brothers.

Um, what?

As LiAngelo and LaMelo continue to sharpen their hoops skills in Lithuania, it’s hard to comprehend what kind of impact these comments will have.

On Tuesday, the hosts and guests of various FS1 shows offered up their thoughts, mostly telling LaVar to shut his trap.

Watch what Colin Cowherd had to say up top and the rest below:

Nick Wright: You’re playing this wrong!

Kenyon Martin: Get real, LaVar!

Rob Parker: Trade Lonzo NOW!