Kobe takes shot at Rajon Rondo, but out of respect

Kobe's expected return from his knee injury is early February.

Streeter Lecka

Kobe Bryant used a bad word.

But how can you not laugh and, at the same time, have respect for what the NBA All-Star said on Friday in Boston?

When asked about Rajon Rondo’s return from a knee injury, Bryant, recovering from a fractured left knee, shared his honest — and blunt — thoughts when talking with reporters.

Bryant hasn’t played since Dec. 17 when he suffered the injury in the midst of a return from Achilles Tendon surgery.

Earlier this week, Magic Johnson suggested Bryant sit out the rest of the season.

Bryant has other plans. He said he would return this season, despite the Lakers’ losing record. He isn’t expected back to active duty until early February, according to reports.