Kemp to donate $1K to tornado relief for every HR

In wake of the tragic events where a mile-wide tornado hit an Oklahoma suburb damaging neighborhoods, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder and Oklahoma native Matt Kemp is doing his part to help out the victims.

Following the 3-1 Dodgers win over the Brewers on Monday, Kemp tweeted that he will donate $1000 to the victims for every home run he hits from now until the All-Star break.

Kemp is from Oklahoma City and knows the kind of destruction a tornado can cause.

He was in junior high when an E-5 tornado with 300-mph winds hit the same area and killed 36 people in 1999.

“It’s bad. Real bad,” Kemp said.

“And this one hit a school,” he said. “I know where the schools are. My mom lived in a house in Moore and we gave it to my aunt and uncle. They weren’t home today, but they said two blocks away there’s nothing left. I’ve never been through an earthquake, but I’ve seen what a tornado can do and you just can’t even believe it.”

Kemp recently made headlines for his generous gesture after giving a sick fan his used cleats, jersey and more.