Keating’s Corner: Is U.S. ready to get kick out of soccer?

John Keating
FOX Sports Detroit

I think it’s part of the checkout process when you’re leaving the hospital.

“Congratulations on your new baby. Can we go ahead and sign you up for youth soccer now?”

Like every other parent on the planet, you have to do it. And should. You want your kids running around, if only because they’re so tired afterward, there’s peace and quiet in the house for you and your spouse.

So we commit to a lot of Saturday mornings when they’re small, watching clumps of little humanity chasing one ball around a big field, only because they’re so desperate for those halftime orange slices, which make very cool monster faces.

It’s now been at least a couple of decades of kids, the blue or the yellow t-shirts with the black shorts, minivans and orange slices, convincing all of America that soccer was on the edge of becoming a major sport in our country.

Strangely, it just never happened. At least not yet.

A lot of those kids decided that there were other sports or other interests or members of the opposite gender. And by the time they realized that they could drop those orange slices into beer, their commitment to soccer had waned. And their parents were left wondering if those days really did happen as they settled in to watch “Matlock.”

But this World Cup has already become something of a phenomenon. It seems in our culture today, we’re all about the NEXTBIGTHING.

Welcome to it.

A lot of it is hype for television ratings. And it’s scheduled nicely now that “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” are on hiatus.