June 16, 1995: What was life like during last Angels home rainout?

It’s been 7,339 days (June 16, 1995) since the last Angels rainout at home (vs. White Sox) before Sunday’s matchup vs. Boston was called and rescheduled for today’s doubleheader.

Here’s a very interesting facts from what life was like way back in 1995:

Angels slugger and reigning American League MVP Mike Trout was two months shy of his fourth birthday.

The ‘Billboard’ Hot 100 No. 1 single was ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC, which is ironic considering, well, water!

‘Batman Forever’ (Remember that one with Val Kilmer?) was released on June 16 and went on to gross $336.5 million despite pretty harsh reviews from critics and fans.

Pat Reily rejected $3M a year and resigned as Knicks coach.

The cost of gas was … $1.15!

It was a Bill Clinton-Al Gore White House.

The population of the United States was 262,764,948.

The average median household income: $34,076.00

Salt Lake City was awarded the XIX Winter Olympics in 2002.