‘The Herd’: Here’s why you shouldn’t compare Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen

‘They are literally polar opposites’

On Tuesday, Colin Cowherd said on ‘The Herd’ that it is unfair to compare the two star quarterbacks from USC and UCLA … Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen, respectfully.


Cowherd said, despite sharing a position, the two Southern California natives couldn’t be more different. Darnold, from San Clemente, is your more blue-collar type guy while Rosen, of St. John Bosco fame, took a different route to football (tennis anyone?!).

‘Their family, their life, their size, their style. Darnold has better players around him. (He’s) A raw playmaking instinctive QB. Has a little bit of gunslinger mentality … and it much more mobile.’

‘Rosen is your classic drop back passer. Comes from (more wealthy) background. Body type is different, not super athletic outside of the pocket. He’s a better version of Matt Ryan.’

Watch the video up top for more on the two quarterbacks.