Jamal Crawford joined JJ Redick’s podcast to talk all-time best points guards

JJ Redick’s ‘The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick’ podcast is off to a flying start. After having former teammate Jared Dudley on the show’s debut episode, Redick followed up strong this week with 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash.

During their talk, Nash and Redick spanned a wide swath of topics from life after the NBA to the coaching vacancy in Phoenix to finally the point guard position and Nash’s top four all-time points guards.

Following up the conversation on all-time great point guards, Redick brought on the first current Clipper to join the show, Jamal Crawford, to give his own top four. The teammates also spent some time talking about the difficulty of comparing past and current players.

Here’s the list each of the guys came up with:

Nash’s Top Four Point Guards

Redick’s Top Four Points Guards

Crawford’s Top Four Point Guards

From the looks of it, all three guys are in agreement on Magic, Isaiah and Stockton. Nash’s throwback pick of Cousy is a bit surprising since the Celtics point guard was essentially retired 10 years before Nash was born.

Of course, as a courteous host, Redick’s picking of Nash for his top four was a shrewd podcaster move.

Well played, JJ.