‘It’s the Big Baby Jig’: Davis brings energy, dance moves to court

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is getting more time on the court, and that means more love from Clippers fans.

Davis scored 10 points and added six rebounds, one block and one steal in 17 minutes in the Clippers’ 119-115 win over the Spurs on Thursday.

Doc Rivers said the Clippers don’t win without that production from Davis.

Davis is getting more time with Blake Griffin out. The big man has always been adored by Clippers fans. But when he was subbed out of the Clippers’ game against San Antonio on Thursday, he got a standing ovation.

"It’s my job," Davis said. "I’ve been a role player for a majority of my career. Started in Orlando for a little bit but the majority of time when I play I’ve been a role player. Everybody tells me my energy is contagious. I play the game passionately, every play, every mistake. I’m hard on myself. That’s my role. I give myself up for others. That’s how you win."

Davis started doing that bobblehead-like dance after he made a basket and got fouled. Fans loved it, and so did DeAndre Jordan, who playfully grabbed his head.

"It’s the Big Baby Jig," Davis said. "When I’m doing that, better watch out."

Davis brings energy that his teammates love. He joked he drinks a special juice before games instead of drinking caffeine. His spirited play on the court rubs off on his teammates and fans.

Who needs a bobblehead when you have the real thing in glen @iambigbaby11 Davis? @laclippers

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"… It was fun. It was exciting to see," Davis said of the effect he had on fans. "That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, giving yourself up and doing whatever it takes. My job is energy. Bring it."

Davis is averaging 3.6 points and 2 rebounds per game. He’s battled back spasms and trying to find a rhythm with unpredictable playing time. Sometimes he’s played, and sometimes he hasn’t gotten in games at all. 

"I’ve always had confidence inside of me," Davis said. "I’ve played in big games before. I’ve done things in this league that has separated myself and it’s why I’m here today. It feels good to get a standing ovation.

"At the same time, I just want to win. Whatever it takes to win, I’ve got to do it. Loose balls, picking people up, whatever it is to get it done, I’m that guy. I’m that blue collar guy. I’m the janitor, sweeping everything up. Making sure everybody’s all right."

His teammates and Rivers sure are all right when he’s diving for loose balls and battling for rebounds. His play makes people smile. 

"Big Baby got the game ball (Thursday)" Chris Paul said. "(That) energy, I stay on him all the time because it’s contagious. He brings a different element to our team."

One that is full of energy, fun and all the little things from the big man.