Giants manager Bochy left behind at Dodger Stadium by team bus

Whoever drove one of the San Francisco Giants’ team buses on Friday night must not be well-versed in baseball rivalries. The driver left the most important man on the team all alone in enemy territory.

Following the Giants’ 9-5 win over the Dodgers Friday night at Dodger Stadium, Giants manager Bruce Bochy was left behind by the last team bus. 

"The bus left me," he said Saturday, before the second game of the rivalry series. "I thought it was like, ‘Leave no troops behind.’"

The team was staying at L.A. Live, forcing Bochy to call a cab. Shortstop Brandon Crawford saw his manager stranded outside of the stadium near a crowd of Dodgers fans waiting for autographs and offered him a ride. But the UCLA product wasn’t staying at the team hotel, and Bochy didn’t want him to go out of his way. 

So he waited … and waited. Finally, 35 minutes later, the cab arrived, but the driver couldn’t even find the manager. If you’ve ever tried to take an Uber or a taxi to and from Dodger Stadium, you know it’s a struggle to get them past the gates. Even just finding the right gate can be difficult.

Bochy said that he was out there before 11:35, but even if he wasn’t outside in time, he wouldn’t be the first person in sports to miss a team bus. 

Longtime Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper told the story of former San Francisco skipper Dusty Baker being left behind with his two sons after a game in Anaheim. Back in 2012, running back Adrian Peterson missed the team bus before a game against the Bears and had to take a cab to Soldier Field. 

It could have been worse — it could have been getaway day. Last season, Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker missed the team bus in Los Angeles, causing him to miss the team flight to Boston. 

Bochy made it back to L.A. Live after a $20 cab ride and made it back to the ballpark just fine for Saturday’s game. 

Apparently, a trio of World Series wins won’t get you very far in L.A.

"And people think I have a glamorous job," Bochy joked. "And then I’m standing there outside the ballpark."