Fans get chance to play ball vs. Gasol brothers

Earlier this summer, Pau and his brother, Marc Gasol, teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Los Angeles and Memphis for what they termed the “Healthy Competition 2013.”

The competition, which the brothers used to kick off their new foundation, the Gasol Foundation, challenged the children in L.A. and Memphis to compete with one another to see which group could have a healthier summer.

As a reward to Memphis for winning, Marc will get to keep his beard, while Pau will have to bid his farewell. Details of when Pau will be shaving the beard are forthcoming, according to a release from his representatives.

The Gasol Foundation has already started expanding its outreach, with the brothers launching a new fundraising initiative last week on Prizeo, a celebrity fundraising digital platform.

Contributors can donate as little as $3 at to win a chance to fly out to L.A. to workout and have lunch with the Gasols on Sept. 27. Those who send in larger donations will receive memorabilia signed by the brothers, as well as multiple contest entries. 

“We hope to build a community around these critical children’s health issues,” Pau told the Los Angeles Times. “And [this] campaign is an important first step in reaching out to our fans to start a dialogue which we hope will lead to healthier dietary and exercise decisions in youth.”