No dodgin’ it! Dodgers, Puig hash it out in team meeting

Don Mattingly called a team meeting to clear the air with Yasiel Puig, and according to a report, Puig was all ears.

Richard Mackson

Major League Baseball’s regular season hasn’t even started yet and already the Yasiel Puig stories have started flooding in.

So after some recent spring training controversy involving the Dodgers outfielder, it’s understandable manager Don Mattingly would want to nip it in the bud.

According to an report, Mattingly called a team meeting on Tuesday to "clear the air," and Puig was more than willing to make necessary changes.

"I asked them to please keep helping me," Puig told ESPN. "Specifically with baserunning and hitting my cutoff man. I want them to help me with everything they can."

Has Don Mattingly grown weary of Yasiel Puig’s act?

During the team’s two-game set in Australia, Puig added two more baserunning mistakes before leaving Saturday’s game with an alleged injury. Back in the States, Puig was spotted clubbing at Graystone Manor in Hollywood on Sunday shortly after the team returned, spicing up Mattingly’s pregame comments that Puig was "the little boy who cried wolf" when it came to his injuries.

"He seems to grab something every time he takes a swing and misses," Mattingly said prior to Saturday’s game. "At some point, you don’t ever really think he’s hurt."

But all is apparently well, as Mattingly and the Dodgers used the open forum to hash it out.

"It was good for everybody," said a team vet who asked to remain anonymous. "Donnie just wanted to squash this, and it did."

"We’re good," added Mattingly after the meeting. "I’ve got no issues with Yasiel."