Rivers open to son, Austin, joining Clippers: Whatever makes us better

Doc Rivers wouldn’t be opposed to having his son Austin Rivers play for him with the Clippers.

Austin Rivers, a 6-foot-4 guard, is reportedly being traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to Boston, and according to a Yahoo report, the Clippers are in talks to trade with the Celtics for the 22-year-old Rivers.

"We’re going to keep doing what we feel will make our team better," Doc Rivers said before the Clippers game against the Heat on Sunday.

Rivers can’t comment about possible trades, but he can discus the possibility of coaching his son.

Doc Rivers has the dual role of coach and senior president of basketball operations for the Clippers.

Asked if there was any talk about a family reunion at the house, Doc Rivers said: "None scheduled right now. If it got to that point, we would talk, clearly."

When Rivers was coach of the Celtics, he said Danny Ainge was "really high" on Austin Rivers, who played college basketball at Duke.

"We had all kinds of talks," Rivers said. "I’ve been through this whole thing before."

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Doc Rivers revealed the Clippers and Celtics were banned by the NBA for one year on any possible trade discussions.

"So it’s good we can talk again," Rivers said. 

Asked, if the scenario happened if he would show favoritism to his son, Rivers laughed and said: "I love my son, but I’m still going to favor Blake (Griffin) and Chris (Paul) first. The only one who would be upset at that is (my wife) Kris Rivers."