Doc Rivers happy with Clippers’ new interim CEO

Clippers coach Doc Rivers was kept updated on the search for a new CEO, although he wasn't involved in the search itself.

Rocky Widner

LOS ANGELES — Clippers coach Doc Rivers hasn’t met the team’s new chief executive, but he said Friday he considers the hiring of Dick Parsons a positive move.

Parsons was named the Clippers interim CEO by the NBA, effective immediately.

"This morning we talked and it was really nice," Rivers said before the Clippers met the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 of their best-of-seven Western Conference semifinal. "I don’t know Dick very well, but from what I’ve heard from everyone who knows him and from talking to him today, I think it’s a very good hire for us."

Parsons will assume control of the business side of the organization following the lifetime ban of owner Donald Sterling and the league’s announcement that team president Andy Roeser is taking an indefinite leave of absence. Rivers, who is also the Clippers senior vice president of basketball operations, will continue to run the basketball side.

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Parsons, 66, is currently a senior advisor at Providence Equity Partners. He was previously chairman at Citigroup and chairman and CEO at Time Warner.

Rivers said he was kept updated on the search committee’s progress in finding a new CEO, although he was not involved in the search itself.

"I wasn’t actually out there searching," he said. "I’ve got other things to do, but they’ve done a great job of just keeping me up to date on where they’re at and what they’re doing. I trust the league in this so well. They’re smarter than me in this. I don’t have a lot to say, to be honest, and it’s because I don’t think I should have a lot to say in it."