Doc Rivers fined $25K for criticizing refs

Well we all knew this was coming.

The NBA on Thursday fined Clippers coach Doc Rivers $25,000 for publicly criticizing officials after a controversal play in the final seconds of Game 5.

"That is a game defining and possibly a series defining call. And that’s not right," an irate Rivers said following the game on Tuesday.

With 11.3 seconds left and the Clippers up two, the ball seemingly went out of bounds on OKC’s Reggie Jackson. Matt Barnes appeared to foul Jackson, although that call was not disputable through replay. The Thunder were awarded posession after officials reviewed the tape, leaving Rivers livid and the Clippers dejected, down 3-2 in their series.

Clippers try to move on from controversy with Game 6 ahead


NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn responded in a statement Wednesday, saying: "In order to reverse the call made on the court, there has to be ‘clear and conclusive’ evidence. Since no replay provided such evidence, the play correctly stood as called with the Thunder retaining possession."

"I was very upset last night, and rightly so, but you’ve got to move on," Rivers said on Wednesday. "That’s basically what I told our guys last night on the plane. We had a little impromptu meeting. I told them, ‘Listen, it doesn’t matter. It’s 3-2, we’ve got to win at home and then go win on the road. That’s got to be our focus.’ "