Did USC have players-only meeting after upset or not?

LOS ANGELES — USC head coach Lane Kiffin is not a fan of players-only meetings.

“I don’t think that ever works,” the head coach said.

USC wide receiver Marqise Lee said the team intended to host such a meeting on Sunday, following the loss to Washington State.

Sunday was an off day and provided a time for the players to come together without the coaches.

It was Kiffin’s belief that no such meeting took place.

When talking to the media Tuesday, Lee said it did.

“Kiffin don’t know,” Lee said Tuesday. “You guys told him. It (was) just players.
“We did have that meeting though. Kiffin don’t know nothing about it but then again we talked amongst ourselves. Now he knows thanks to you guys … It was just something we had to do within not necessarily with the coaches. It’s not a coaches thing. Just keep that positive mindset with the team.”

On Wednesday, Lee’s classification of the meeting changed a bit. He went to Twitter saying there was no such get-together Sunday. So what was originally believed to be a players-only meeting has now been downgraded to a players-only gathering.

Lee’s fellow captain, Devon Kennard also took to Twitter saying it was “not a formal meeting” and didn’t include the whole team.
It’s still early in the season but the loss at Washington State is one that could cause a team to come apart at the seams.

Last season’s loss at Arizona proved too much for the team to overcome and caused them to unravel.

As a captain and one of the leaders of the 2013 Trojans, Lee wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again this season. One of the reasons Lee said he can try to prevent that from happening is to get the players together without the coaches.

Lee stressed that during the summer.
“I feel as if players can really bond when it’s just straight players,” Lee said during Pac-12 media day. “With the coaches around they going to feel like ‘Oh, you’re just saying that because its coaches around.'”