Denzel Washington drops by UCLA football practice

Not a bad day for Brett Hundley, who currently holds the weight of UCLA football on his shoulders.

One of the many perks of playing college sports in Los Angeles is the handful of professional athletes and celebrities who will just show up at your games and practices.

Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg both have attended USC football practices in the past. Charlie Sheen very, very randomly had some fun with the UCLA baseball team a few years ago.

Now this past week, one of the biggest movie starts of our generation showed up at UCLA football practice.

Coach Herman Boone, in the flesh. He might be better known as Denzel Washington.

Head coach Jim Mora told the Dan Patrick show on Wendesday that Washingon was out at practice for nearly two hours; and he did speak to the team.

Jim Mora not interested in media hype surrounding UCLA


" … It was amazing, Mora told the DPShow of his time spent with Washington. "I’m standing here, and he’s talking to our team. I know you’ve seen Remember the Titans. I felt like I was in the locker room down south, listening to him talk to that high school team. He said some really compelling things to the guys. He’s so gracious."

Afterward, Washington spent some time with Heisman Trophy candidate, Brett Hundley, who, according to Mora, is a huge fan of the actor.

The kids also go to preview Washington’s next movie, "The Equalizer," of which Mora called "the ultimate guy movie."