Debate over Musial name on bridge continues

Half a bridge is better than no bridge at all — or something like that.

Missouri lawmakers decided at least 50 percent of the new Mississippi River bridge will carry the name of Cardinals great Stan Musial, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

But what about the rest?

That’s up to Illinois.

Last week, the Illinois House past a resolution to name its half of the structure “The Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.” If that sticks, the bridge will switch names at the state line, and Musial’s half will only be on the Missouri side. There’s still room for some politicking, however. One Missouri lawmaker told the Post-Dispatch he thinks Illinois will change its stance.

“I think Illinois will eventually rescind their opposition,” Missouri state Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst, a sponsor of the bill, said. “There’s a lot of Cardinal fans in Illinois.”

What do you think?

Will Musial end up with half a bridge?

Or, will The Man claim both sides?