DeAndre Jordan says Clips ‘played on the road’ vs. Heat

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan subtly called out Clippers fans after the team’s 104-90 loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday, claiming that the contest felt more like a road game than a home game.

"The past two games we had at home, and then today when we played on the road in Miami tonight, it was tough," Jordan said in a sarcastic tone.

Jordan continued: "We tried to come out today and get a road win. It just didn’t happen. … It would’ve been nice to get two victories in Miami this year."

There have been several instances at Staples Center this season — most notably against the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and Lakers — in which the opposing fans were palpably louder than the home crowd.

The Chicago game, in particular, felt that way, and Chris Paul also admitted it felt like a road game in his post-game press conference.

When asked about certain games feeling like road games, Jordan said, "Yeah, when we played in Chicago?"

Heat fans broke out in "Let’s go HEAT!" chants on several occasions, with their late-game chanting drawing boos from Clippers fans.

The Clippers, who were 34-7 at home last season and 32-9 the season before, have already lost six home games, standing just 17-6.